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I am a self-publishing Author. I just finished my first novel.

“Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun”.

My manuscript is currently at the editor.

Next, I will sent it to my Advance Reader Team.

Tentative Publish date is Sept. 1, 2017.

There are still some spots left if you are interested in joining my Advance Reader Team.

I am also writing a short story based on the main character in my novel and an “Alaskan Refugees Cookbook”.

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Throwback Thursday

DS140503105021 (2)I just thought I’d throw this little gem out there. I recently came across it on an external hard drive my brother loaded with pictures that my dad took back in the seventies. I’m willing to bet my mom made the dress. I know she made the green one in my banner picture.

I am currently recruiting beta readers

“In a future where the Law is a dreadful taskmaster, can Grace prevail?
A lifetime labeled a rebel has Angelica dreading the rest of her life as the obedient wife in an arranged marriage. After learning a secret about her fugitive mother, she decides to cross the Alaskan wilderness in search of her. When she witnesses elders dance an ancient story, she begins to question everything she ever believed. Things get really confusing when the man she is pledged to marry shows up and presents her with a third version of the truth.
Which truth will Angelica choose?
Will she choose the law she can never live up to?
Will she choose eternity without God?
Or will she choose grace?

Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun is the first volume in a Dystopian Christian Fiction Series. It offers adventures in the Alaskan wilderness, incredible spiritual journeys, and unforgettable characters.
This book by Christina Cattane promises to be an experience you won’t soon forget!

I am currently recruiting beta readers for the above novel.  A beta reader is somebody who receives a free advance copy of a novel, reads it, and then provides valuable feedback to the author.

If you are interested in being a beta reader for my novel please follow the link below and request to join the group.


Does the Body of Christ need to tie up some loose ends?

Do you question why the power of the Holy Spirit doesn’t seem to be working in our Church’s?

Do you ever wonder why Luke didn’t start the book of Acts with Pentecost?

The answer then was loose ends. Could the answer to the power of the Spirit in the body has to do with tying up loose ends.

Listen to Dr. Stephen Manley as he preaches from Acts chapter one.



Lets all work together as one body to tie up those loose ends so the Holy Spirits power can be released!