Welcome to Bambina’s Words

This is the blog site for Christina Cattane.

I am n Christian Indie Writer, Bible Study Teacher, Pastor’s wife and a mother of 4. I homeschool my youngest son who is in high school. I am  a learner and teacher of God’s Word. I am from Alaska and a lover of all things Alaskan, especially the dogs, who often show up in my writing. 

You can follow my journey to becoming a self-published author, follow my spiritual journey, or just follow my life right here on this blog. 

You can visit my Author Website christinacattane.com for the professional side of selling and marketing my novel. 

I have a Patreon site that allows those who wish to support my writing career to become my patrons in return for special rewards. 

Come along and join me on my journey. 

God Bless, Tina



Great News!

Hey Everyone, I’ve got some awesome news!
I’ve joined Patreon!
In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to my writing career every month, help me cover the costs of publishing, and get great rewards in return.
For just $1 a month you can read weekly installments of The Story of Chugiak, an Alaskan Malamute puppy born the runt of his litter, plus get a peek at all the random writing exercises I do to ‘get the juices flowing’. Get even more rewards at the $2 and $5 levels.

Go Checkout my Patreon page.

Novel Rewrite, Author website, Patreon and Podcast

Dropping a line to let you all know what I have been up to. I know that there has been a long silence from me on this blog. I apologize for neglecting you. 

After I received feedback from my beta readers on my novel last fall, there was some revision that need to be done. When I sat down to do it I hit a wall. It was discouraging. Following some advice from experienced writers I decided to walk away for a couple months and come back to it fresh. I came back to it and started again. Still, I was struggling with the revision. 

After much soul searching and pow wows with my writing group I decided what it needed was a complete rewrite. In the ten years since I started writing the novel I have grown as a writer and my writing has changed. Some of the work in my novel was old and frankly, not good enough. So, I am hard at work at rewriting and making substantial progress. I promise it won’t be another ten years! 

I have also developed another site here on WordPress which will be my author website. This site is mainly for the marketing and sale of my work once it is published. You can check it out here.

Another thing I’ve done quite recently is set up a Patreon site. Patreon is a site that allows artists to get paid for what they do through the support of Patrons. In exchange for their support Patrons receive special rewards on a reg basis. If you are interested in being a Patron or are just curious what it’s all about you can access my Patreon site here. 

The final thing I am really excited about is a podcast that I am going to be a part of. I can’t say too much right now but we’ve taped 3 episodes already. Be looking for an announcement when the first one is released. 

In the meantime, God Bless, Tina


Throwback Thursday

DS140503105021 (2)I just thought I’d throw this little gem out there. I recently came across it on an external hard drive my brother loaded with pictures that my dad took back in the seventies. I’m willing to bet my mom made the dress. I know she made the green one in my banner picture.