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chugiak (2)

What fate awaits a runt born in a land where strong and powerful dogs are necessary for survival?
“If you liked ‘Call of the Wild’, ‘White Fang’, or ‘Homeward Bound’, you’ll love this story of an Alaskan Malamute pup who goes searching for his girl.” ~ A reviewer

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“Aren’t you adorable?” she said, picking him up and cradling him like an infant. She began to scratch his tummy, something the pup had never experienced from a person before. The pleasure of it caused his eyes to close and his hind leg to twitch uncontrollably. Unable to contain it, a small howl escaped from his throat. The small person laughed. The sound was like music to the pup’s soul and his tail began to wag. He wiggled in her arms until he could reach her face and began to lick it with all his might. She laughed again, and the pup doubled his efforts. He would do anything to hear that wonderful sound coming from this small person that ignited hope within his breast. Suddenly it occurred to him why his siblings had all been happy to be taken away by visitors. He knew that this small person was all he ever wanted in life, to be next to her, and anything less would never do. 

“Woo, woo, woo,” he cried happily to the girl. 

“I love you too.” She whispered back, kissing him on his black mask.

“I want this one daddy!” She said to the man who had come with her. 

“That’s a runt, best to get one of the others,” her father replied. 

The father reached down and picked up the bigger of the remaining sisters. He took the pup from the girl’s arms and placed him on the floor where he cried frantically in protest, trying his best to climb up the girl’s leg. The man placed his sister in the girl’s arms.  

“This one’s the best of the three,” he said. “Now come on, I have to be getting back.” 

The little girl gazed sadly at the pup, a tear tracing a path down her cheek. But she turned to follow her father, who was shaking the man’s hand.


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