This post will go under the Bible Study/Spirituality section of my blog. I am not going to write a lot except to tell you that if you are interested in living a victorious, power filled, Christian life, the key to that is talked about in this podcast.  It is part 2 of this podcast on the Book of [...]

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Daze

It seems I haven't posted anything since April 8th. I really have no excuse except that April was CampNano.(A month long crazy writing challenge) The awesome writing group I belong to (FLAWS) went on a writing retreat to Rogers City. After that, there were preparations for my daughter's wedding, which was May 6th. Did I [...]

Romans 1:8-17

If you need to review the steps we are following click here. Step 1. Read Romans 1:8-17 several times. Write it out on index cards and place them in spots you spend a lot of time. Review the verses as often as you can. For this passage, there are several words we need to look up [...]

Poem a Day Challenge Day 7

Here is today's prompt from the Readers Digest website: "For today’s prompt, write a discovery poem. This poem could be about making a discovery; it could be about something discovered (by someone or something else); or something you’d like to discover. I can’t wait to discover what new poems poets will create." The Cookie Jar In [...]

Catching up on PAD Challenge

I am a little behind in the Readers Digest Poem A Day Challenge for National Poetry Month. My daughter's getting married in May and there has just been so much happening. My apologies. Here is my attempt to catch up. Read Day 1 and Day 2 here. Day 3:  "For today’s prompt, take the phrase “(blank) of Love,” replace [...]

Romans 1:1-7 cont.

  Here are my answers from blog post #2 on Romans What does it say? This is a normal introduction for a letter of that time. The writer would put their name at the beginning. In this introduction, Paul is literally introducing himself and presenting his credentials to the Christians in Rome.  He calls himself a [...]