Novel Rewrite, Author website, Patreon and Podcast

Dropping a line to let you all know what I have been up to. I know that there has been a long silence from me on this blog. I apologize for neglecting you. 

After I received feedback from my beta readers on my novel last fall, there was some revision that need to be done. When I sat down to do it I hit a wall. It was discouraging. Following some advice from experienced writers I decided to walk away for a couple months and come back to it fresh. I came back to it and started again. Still, I was struggling with the revision. 

After much soul searching and pow wows with my writing group I decided what it needed was a complete rewrite. In the ten years since I started writing the novel I have grown as a writer and my writing has changed. Some of the work in my novel was old and frankly, not good enough. So, I am hard at work at rewriting and making substantial progress. I promise it won’t be another ten years! 

I have also developed another site here on WordPress which will be my author website. This site is mainly for the marketing and sale of my work once it is published. You can check it out here.

Another thing I’ve done quite recently is set up a Patreon site. Patreon is a site that allows artists to get paid for what they do through the support of Patrons. In exchange for their support Patrons receive special rewards on a reg basis. If you are interested in being a Patron or are just curious what it’s all about you can access my Patreon site here. 

The final thing I am really excited about is a podcast that I am going to be a part of. I can’t say too much right now but we’ve taped 3 episodes already. Be looking for an announcement when the first one is released. 

In the meantime, God Bless, Tina


Sneak Peak-Setting

For a sneak peak into the area of Alaska where my novel is set, I have 2 different videos for you.

The story will start out in a village in Lake Clark National Park which is in South central Alaska.. If you would like to watch a video of that area here is a one that is approx. 4 minutes long. 

Keep in mind that the novel is about a futuristic dystopian society where technology/engines are no longer available, and they are living mostly by the old ways of the Dena’ina Athabascan natives. Also keep an eye on the wild life in this video, some of them will be appearing in the novel. 


This next video is of the Lake Iliamna region of Southwestern Alaska. The name is said to come from a Dena’ina Athabascan word nila vena or ‘islands lake’. One legend says that ‘Iliamna’ is the name of a giant fish that lives in the lake and ‘bites hole in the bidarkas (Kayak) of bad natives’. One of the villages in my book is going to be on the shore of this lake, and be called Iliamna. 


In the Home Stretch

It’s been a few years that I’ve been working on my novel. OK, well maybe more than a few, but I’ve finally made it to the home stretch. I am in the editing stage. A big part of making it here has been the support of the wonderful ladies of the writing group I’m a part of that we call FLAWS. They have provided me with encouragement, support, and accountability. They deserve much credit for me getting here.

So, because I am getting close to the book being done, I have been reading about publishing options, and all the things an author can do to make their book a success. In light of the things that I’ve learned. I have made some changes. The first thing I did was resurrect this blog from hibernation. You may have noticed the second thing I did, which was to change all my profile pictures on social media to a professional looking head shots. I also changed any banner pictures to original photos, so I’m not using someone else’s photo from google. I have started using twitter a lot more to connect to other authors, editors, and publishers and limited myself to writing related posts on that site. Finally, just yesterday, I launched my author page on Facebook. You can follow it at this link.

The next steps are getting you interested in reading my book. I will not only be keeping you apprised of any progress I make toward getting my book published, but also offer you some sneak peaks into the characters and settings of my book. I always love to hear feedback on what I’m doing, so don’t be shy!

So without further ado. Here is my ‘elevator pitch’ (what you would say if you found yourself in an elevator with your dream publisher) of “Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun”

“A group of religious refugees are living in a dystopian society where the New Testament has been lost, and they have only the Old Testament to guide them.”

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